Do you want to understand the capabilities of the United Manufacturing Hub, but do not want to get lost in technical architecture diagrams? Here you can find all the features explained on few pages.

Unified Namespace / Message Broker

Exchange events and messages across all your shopfloor equipment, IT / OT systems such as ERP or MES and microservices.

Historian / Data Storage

Learn how the United Manufacturing Hub’s Historian feature provides reliable data storage and analysis for your manufacturing data.

Shopfloor KPIs / Analytics

The Shopfloor KPI/Analytics feature of the United Manufacturing Hub provides equipment-based KPIs, configurable dashboards, and detailed analytics for production transparency. Configure OEE calculation and track root causes of low OEE using drill-downs. Easily ingest, process, and analyze data in Grafana.

Data connectivity with Node-RED

Connect devices on the shop floor using Node-RED with United Manufacturing Hub’s Unified Namespace. Simplify data integration across PLCs, Quality Stations, and MES/ERP systems with a user-friendly UI.

Retrofitting with ifm IO-link master and sensorconnect

Upgrade older machines with ifm IO-Link master and Sensorconnect for seamless data collection and integration. Retrofit your shop floor with plug-and-play sensors for valuable insights and improved efficiency.

Retrofitting with USB barcodereader

Integrate USB barcode scanners with United Manufacturing Hub’s barcodereader microservice for seamless data publishing to Unified Namespace. Ideal for inventory, order processing, and quality testing stations.


Monitor and maintain your manufacturing processes with real-time Grafana alerts from the United Manufacturing Hub. Get notified of potential issues and reduce downtime by proactively addressing problems.

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