What's New in Version 0.9.10

This section contains information about the new features and changes in the United Manufacturing Hub introduced in version 0.9.10.

Welcome to United Manufacturing Hub version 0.9.10! In this release, we have changed the MQTT broker to HiveMQ and the Kafka console to RedPanda Console. A new OPC UA server simulator has been added, along with a new API service to connect to Factoryinsight from outside the cluster, especially tailored for usage with Tulip. Grafana now comes with presinstalled plugins and datasources, and the UMH datasource V2 supports grouping of custom tags.

For a complete list of changes, refer to the release notes.

MQTT Broker

The MQTT broker has been changed from VerneMQ to HiveMQ. This change won’t affect the end user, but it will allow us to better maintain the MQTT broker in the future.

Read our comparison of MQTT brokers to learn more about the differences between VerneMQ and HiveMQ.

Kafka Console

The Kowl project as been acquired by RedPanda and is now called RedPanda Console. The functionalities are mostly the same.

OPC UA Server Simulator

A new data simulator for OPC UA has been added. It is based on the OPC/UA simulator by Amine, and it allows you to simulate OPC UA servers in order to test the United Manufacturing Hub.


Default plugins

Grafana now comes with the following plugins preinstalled:

  • ACE.SVG by Andrew Rodgers
  • Button Panel by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • Button Panel by CloudSpout LLC
  • Discrete by Natel Energy
  • Dynamic Text by Marcus Olsson
  • FlowCharting by agent
  • Pareto Chart by isaozler
  • Pie Chart (old) by Grafana Labs
  • Timepicker Buttons Panel by williamvenner
  • UMH Datasource by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • UMH Datasource V2 by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • Untimely by factry
  • Worldmap Panel by Grafana Labs

Grouping of custom tags

The UMH datasource V2 now supports grouping of custom tags. This allows you to group processValues by a common prefix, and then use the group name as a variable in Grafana.

Tulip connector

A new API service has been added to connect to Factoryinsight from outside the cluster. This service is especially tailored for usage with Tulip, and it allows you to connect to Factoryinsight from outside the cluster.

Read more about the Tulip connector.

Last modified June 7, 2023: build: version 0.9.13 (bc08e78)